Reader Zone User Group - Online Print
Credits: 1
Core Competency: 3C:Youth Services

Presenter: Sandy Wilkerson

 Reader Zone

Zoom Link:  https://kslib.zoom.us/j/333390170

Meeting ID: 333 390 170


Summary:  This virtual session will wrap up the Reader Zone pilot group. 

Agenda includes: Round table discussion on the product and how it worked in your community, tips and tricks and suggestions for future users in KS libraries. 

Attendees are expected to interact in the session, meeting will be open 30 min before session start for equipment test.   



Date & Time: Thursday September 03 (2020) 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Registrations Available: Unlimited
Registration Deadline: 09/03/20

Only registered users may register for this session.