Using Todays' Science Online March 23 Print
Credits: 1
Core Competency: 7G:Instruction

Presenter: LaDonna Clark

Today’s Science is the newest resource added to the State Library online collection.  To add the link to your website, use www.kslib.info/TodaysScience.

In Today’s Science, there are over 6,000 original articles, discussion questions, crossword puzzles, editorial cartoons, videos, and curriculum tools for educators. It is updated weekly and contains thousands of links to a 25-year back-file. Today's Science explains important developments in biology, chemistry, the environment, space, physics, and technology, and is designed to help students fill the gap between learning in the classroom and global daily discoveries. 

Date & Time: Tuesday March 23 (2021) 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Registrations Available: Unlimited
Registration Deadline: 03/23/21

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