Adult and Family Program Idea Swap Print
Credits: 1
Core Competency: 3A:Public Services

Presenter: NCKLS Staff


Zoom Link:  https://kslib.zoom.us/j/333390170
Meeting ID: 333 390 170


Target audience: Librarians providing programming to adults and/or families

Session length: 60 minutes

Summary:  This session continues the 2021 Summer Library Webinar Series. 

NCKLS staff will facilitate a discussion on the Zoom platform to share
programming ideas that target adult and family programs.  If you have
handouts or links to share, send to Sandy by Feb 2. If you'd rather share
 your screen during the meeting, that is an option.

The session will be recorded and made available for viewing until May 1, 2021.

Adult Idea Swap

Date & Time: Thursday February 11 (2021) 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM
Registrations Available: Unlimited
Registration Deadline: 02/11/21

The registration period is over.

People Already Registered

Gloria Jurado, Emporia Public LIbrary

Janet Marler, Marion City Library

Jeanie Bartel, Hillsboro Public Library

Kimberly Orr, Wakefield Public Library

Lesa Dierking, Marysville Public Library

Lori Heller, Emporia Public Library

Mandy Cook, Marysville Public Library

Mary Jane Grimmett, Florence Public Library

Mary Krantz, Chapman Public Library

Rhiannon Schmidt, Hillsboro Public Library

Sandy Jenkins, Burns Public Library

Shanda Cramer, Clay Center Carnegie Library

Susan Mueller, Herington Public Library

Tania Sorensen, Hillsboro Public Library