Family Program Idea Swap 2022 - Online Print
Credits: 1
Core Competency: 3C:Youth Services

Presenter: Sandy Wilkerson


Share your best ideas for adult and all-ages programs in this virtual idea swap!

Submit any materials you’d like to share to the appropriate folders by February 3: https://bit.ly/3yRCJGK


You can also add ideas to the brainstorming document in each of those folders. Submission of ideas and materials
does not mean you will be required to speak in the session, although we welcome you to do so! 

To attend, register here by February 7: https://bit.ly/3ege5G1


All those registered will receive a Zoom link 1-2 days before the event. This session will not be recorded,
but all those registered will have continued access to the shared folders.


We look forward to exploring Oceans of Possibilities with you!


Date & Time: Thursday February 10 (2022) 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Registrations Available: Unlimited
Registration Deadline: 02/10/22

The registration period is over.

People Already Registered

Gloria Jurado, Emporia Public LIbrary

Gwendolyn Sibley, Manhattan Public Library

Hannah Jennings, Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library - Onaga Branch

Janet Hulinsky, Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Librrary - Onaga Branch

Jennifer Hale, Manhattan Public Library

Jo Nehring, Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library

Kimberly Orr, Wakefield Public Library

Lesa Dierking, Marysville Public Library

Lori Beth Terrell, Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library - Alma Branch Library

Lori Heller, Emporia Public Library

Mandy Cook, Marysville Public Library

Mary Krantz, Chapman Public Library

Melanie Smith, Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library _ St. Marys Branch

Patty Knutson, Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library - Eskridge Branch

Rachel Carnes, Manhattan Public LIbrary

Rhiannon Schmidt, Hillsboro Public Library

Rochelle Chaney, Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library

Susan Mueller, Herington Public Library