Book Fair 2019
Credits: 5
Core Competency: 2A:General Library Management

Presenter: Carol Barta

A Universe of Books
Book Fair 2019
Manhattan Public Library

May 9, 2019


 9:00 Registration



Seven Dolors Church


Marilyn Holt

Confessions to Mr. Roosevelt



State Resources

Andy Schafer


11:00 – 11:40

Children’s Best

Rita King



11:45 – 12:00


Tour of Seven Dolors

12:00 –12:40



12:45- 1:25

All ages programing

Sandy Wilkerson



Inspirational Books




Marcy’s picks


3:00 –3:30

Weeding & Prizes


Author Marilyn Holt from Abilene launches her first fiction title “Confessions to Mr. Roosevelt.” Marilyn has authored several history titles including “The Orphan Trains: Placing out in America’” and is trying her hand at historical fiction. Though it’s not set to be released until after Book Fair, you can pre-order and be the first to hear excerpts from the book.

Andy Schafer will be bringing us up to date on the digital book offerings from the state library. We hope he will include the release of a software package that will bring the various e-book vendors under one system.

Rita King, from Baker & Taylor, will join us through Zoom to talk about children’s titles.

Bethany from Faith & Life bookstore will have the best of inspirational writing. 
Sandy will present ideas on programming for all ages.

Marcy will present her annual review of the best in adult books. 

Please bring $5 for lunch.

Date & Time: Thursday May 09 (2019) 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Registrations Available: Unlimited
Registration Deadline: 05/09/19

The registration period is over.

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