LearningExpress in Junction City
Credits: 2
Core Competency: 7G:Instruction

Presenter: LaDonna Clark

In this hands-on workshop, we go in-depth into the State Library Resource of LearningExpress. Objectives of this course include:

Understand registration and how to login
·         Navigate all LearningExpress Centers
·         Take Practice tests and access tutorials within LearningExpress
·         Understand how to download eBooks in LearningExpress
·         Access the LearningExpress Tool "My Center"
·         Be able to direct patrons to end user video guides and all resources in LE
·         Become familiar with over 1000 resources organized by subject in LE



Date & Time: Tuesday August 27 (2019) 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Registrations Available: Unlimited
Registration Deadline: 08/27/19

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